morning after

She said: Oh no we didn’t!
He smiled looked down at her and said oh yes we did
Calm, collected and somewhat unapologetic.
She sat up rose tainted cheeks
sudden heat rush burst from head to heels
followed by the supper from her bowels,
gob smacked
jumping off the bed
clothes torn off in a jiffy
what purpose do they serve now,
staggered to the loo
hell bent on riding her body off a food chunk or two.
Mucus tears and vomit
no blood a little too early to make a second wrong?
Make it right?
Staggered into a bathroom
peeling paint
laughing at her peeling pride
broken bits of soap
broken dreams
then a ray of light peeps through the ventilation
she feels,
she hopes,
warm water numbing the pain
felt like standing in the rain
more tears
more mucus
no vomit just wails
across to the room
he thinks: what if it really did?
and a smirk curves on his lips
he waits to see her face
for the water stopped running
and the wails are now sobs
and the bathroom door has opened
and he's eager to laugh in her face



From the moisture
Came dewdrops
From their union
Come rivulets
That bubble and run down the hills
They chase each other
Seeking to muster
The position of first
And in their quest they collide
Some coalesce
Forming a force more formidable
A river
That rumbles and rages across the plains
Slicing the valley
Peeling off the land
Bursting at seams of the river's bank
It lacks reprimand
Pays no attention
To where they say
To go it can't
It goes
A due diligence of when to go through or over or under or round
And a patience to sit smug and wait a new turn
I blow moisture on my window's glass
To clear stains off my lovely view of the dewdrops on the grass
Be patient you little drops
Your time will come to be great
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the sun

Its the sun
Of midday
Of midnight
Its the sun
When it rises on your end
It sets  at mine
Its the sun
Praised most when the winter bites
Asked, desired, craved when the storm gathers
Its the sun
High and mighty in the sky
Shines for me shines for you
The big 'ol yellow flame
Sometimes the sun is too bright
Too sweaty
Too scorching
Its the sun each time
Beautiful or harsh
Its the sun
When it sets on your end
It rises on mine
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Eid Mubarak

In hijabs and niqabs
The Buibui donned with pride
And henna painted palms
In gowns and taqiyas
And beards combed out
A kaleidoscope
Of love, sharing and faith
A congregation of mu’mins
Children playing on the streets
Boisterous greetings of the men
Coy giggles and whispers among women
It is Idd again
Culmination of thirty days fast
Reminiscing of a near past
A celebration
A reflection
A marking of change in heart
A difference in path
It is the end of compulsory fast
But the beginning of personal quest
May you all find the treasure you seek
For today,
Revel in the feast
Eid-ul-fitr Al-Muslimeen

prodigal son

I am a prodigal son to the world
I am the black sheep to its wants
The wild card
I am the square peg in round hole
Stick out
Stand out
I'm not sure anymore
I am like a cactus unchanged in seasons
Consistently inconsistent
I swim against the current
Its how I feed best
Is it unique
Or just another of the several sore thumbs
I am the world's prodigal
Recklessly spending at it's expense
But we all know whose tense here
The world has seen its fair share of sons
It will tell I'm its one
Soon disposed off with other one's

for the woman behind her man and the man taking it for granted

I know,
It’s enough to know there were happier times,
There were moments when the bridge burnt to ashes
Then the rebuilding up from scratches
There were times when the head just couldn't be held up high
And it was propped up by crutches
It was at times when the tides got so high
It looked as though the time was nigh
So I turned to mama and asked
What exactly did you do?
and she said it was then I realized just how much I loved your pa'

#iwantthat too

Often we take for granted the women that see past our masculine bullshit, those that know when we are blowing little else than hot air. We, as men, speak of equality but catch as dead practicing it. We are the victims of our own pride and more often end up in positions of boredom for all we have is a yes girl.

I am lucky to have been in relationships where I was challenged and my very belief on certain topics thrown down the gauntlet. I have come to appreciate a woman that sticks when the pocket grows thin and the things get thick. A woman that drives, pushes and even evokes hard work within and out of me.

I have learnt that even when all you think of doing, say you will do and plan to do matters, at the end of the day unless it’s done you earn little respect for yourself in her eyes. Primarily a woman can tell all about you in a matter of time and it won’t take long for her to figure you offer nothing more than just dreams. She has the fairytale already she needs to make it a reality with you. If she has to push you uphill and downhill again she is better off being the woman behind another man. Get your act right, I know I am getting mine.

Love Y'all

Henry Anubi 2012 ©


A guest post for  Plus+254 -Get it,Live it!

I will complain a little less

Take whats yours and leave whats mine
I cant complain anymore
I cant go back to before
but now that we are here
please be a dear
and take the road thats nearer
I saw you from the corner of the eye
I chose to look away
but its just one apple a day
you break my mettle
you pierce my sense
and you do it in my presence
I cant complain any more
I cant complain any less
I can stay behind and clean up my mess
pick pieces and try
Its the best gift for my self
for this tears
confusion have all been a reward to you,
wrapped in a box of anger
tied by the ribbon of complaints
Im broken
it shows in my tired smile
it screams in my weakened voice
but u are too distracted to see
I cant complain any more
I'll grant you my laughter though hollow
I'll still cook you a despirited meal
just dont wait for me to complain
I am not cast from wrought iron but I rust for every
time I tear, I weld
this tremors are well within me held.
#Wrote this poem for a friend a year ago and she made it through. If this is what you feel I know you'll make it too.
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blue haze, purple phase

If it is in the heart
That emotion is held at
Cut up mine
And see the patterns the glean out
I am a moth's cocoon
wrapped around a silk worm
Trapped in a spider's web
I ride the highest ebb of confusion

Even my heart doesn't get it
How does a record selling hit
Gather dust on the shelf
Disservice to self
Fishy smells: A rat!!
Cornflower laced concoctions
Bind this heart
Tear it apart in ways it can't tell
Soul's floating
Suspended freely in the dried well

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a wrong and another wrong

Two wrongs make not a right
Indeed twice a wrong doesn't take you right
Three lefts would do
But in a fight
If you gave a right
You get a right
A punch
Begets a punch
No hunch needed
And with this black eye
I now,
Fully comprehend
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I have my plans!

What plans I ask

My plans,
I know how I’ll do it
You will see
You will all see
All you “doubtsee’s”!
I will show you

But I don’t doubt you
If anything I believe you
I’m only here due to concerns
Concerns I harbour for you
I worry you sleep too much,
You really leave the house
And these plans you say you have,
When exactly do they take effect?

Oh! There it is Mister!

What? What is it I’ve done?

The condescending tone you taking with me
The I’m not good enough attitude you are implying
I’ve heard it all before
My parents
Even my former friends use it
I just placed you above the rest


Coz I thought you were different
 I thought you saw my plans
And you knew I am headed to greatness

I believe you alright
I just think it’s time you set things straight
You have plans
Plans for greatness plans for life
Plans for everything except
Plans to make your plans work
It is beautiful in your mind
The future you’ve designed
But I can only imagine
And so can the rest
The society
Your parents
And your friends and former friends
They don’t believe your utopia

Do you believe my dreams?

I do, I did, now I want to
They are just bones with no flesh
And I can’t feed odd those
All you do is complain
All you do is have disdain
For people that guide and mentor you
You are becoming a pain
To everyone including yourself
You are eroding away
And rotting with each second you feel abused
Feel oppressed
Feel despised
You are creating a shield
Blocking the important advice you get
And leaving your talents and gifts unspent
You are singing the same song each day
Of finding a way
Yet you lack the simplest of wills to wake
You think you are broken
Seeking for sympathy from all that have spoken
You didn’t even crack let alone break
You are the crop of modern day youth
Who sing of freedom,
Who embrace an unexacting oneness,
Preaching autonomy yet shrouded in dependency.
You are the worst kind of failure
The one that never started
You lost simply because you never fought

Do you abuse me?
Coz I could tell you I’ve done my part
I dressed up and sent the letters out
I applied even when I felt I shouldn’t
I am not the fool you think I am

What are you?

I am a misunderstood youth
And with nothing but sleep as solace

Are you satisfied with that life?
But I make do
I know soon the sun will shine
Soon my time will come
And I will make hay

How do you suppose you will do that?

My plans!
I have plans,
I know how I’ll do it
You will see
You will all see
All you “doubtsee’s”!
I will show you

love, like, lust

We are objects of desire
Burn with inward fire
I wonder
Do we ever tire?
Do we take some time to ponder?
What kind of men will we become
I want to be The Gentleman
Seamlessly woven by the same thread
How were we bred?
To not distinguish
and Scarlet are meshed
I don't know what I should know
I only know what I am taught to know


Wide spaces
Large open fields
With nothing but air
Running so fast
Running so far
Making sense of the Senseless
When did it get so comfortable
Talking alone
Having conversations with the wind
Whispering nothings to the shadows
I watch the vast lands till they kiss the sky
I place my hands above my head
and spin until it takes me away
I love this fantasy
Coz reality has become a little too much
I'll walk along alone
and where I encounter people
I'll start walking back.


I saw a child break free from her mother's grip
It was midday in the midst of a busy town
I heard the tires screech and saw the young one trip
Her mother let out an agonizing wail
He sprung to his feet and crossed the road
And was just across the street
He held his arm close by
Motioned for the cars to wait a while
And walked so slow you'd think t'was his style
The town stood still
And watched in awe
As a little boy's patience
And his little minds resilience
Held a grandpa's hand until they crossed the street
He might have cried as they parted bye
But all in attendance like grandy
Were happy
For  the little gesture with grand significance 
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he wrote:do you still love me?

Do you love me?
not superficial
or physical
not because you know it will make me happy when you say you do
But do you love me?
I'm I still the guy you'd want to meet your friends
I'm I the one you'd proudly hold in the street
And if you met your crush I'm I the guy you'd lean your chin to
Just to show him I got better
Do you love me?
Or love love?
The stepping stone to another dive
To what depths have you plunged
To what ends have your means met
I'm I still the man you'd kiss in the morning
Bad breadth and beard prickling
Would you still stay up in defiance waiting for me to say goodnight
Just to wake up in the morning with a hug so tight
Are you still the woman that would put up a fight
Just so that you'll get exactly what you want
Do you love me I ask
For this feels like more to you a task
No more fun
Just secrets in a cask
Do you still love me he wrote then he took his bag and went to work
Three hours later she awoke
"Oh! What nonsense" she swore
Threw it to the side, opened the door
The news came filtered to her ears as she basked
Heard the routes heard the bus
She came slowly to confirm
just mashed pulp
She saw the bag among the pile
Across her face a smile
Then she looked around and picked her phone
a wicked laugh escaped her lips
and she locked the door for the last time 
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Today I heard the sun wake me up
It announced it's entry into my house
Promptly at eight
Waking to a fright,
Curtains fluttering 
Shadows cast on the walls
She is bold this August sun
Fearless and straight
Much unlike her July sister,
Who peered at me from away
Never further than my window panes
Or nearer than the blinds 
She was coy too always felt she hid alot under her sleeves
Don't I just love this contrast
Of blue skies and the yellow ball of brilliance
Elation, and like I promised the champagne is off ice
The mood is just right
A little more of practice and the champion claims his price
Fare thee well July it was lukewarm what we had
Hello August!
Come fill this arms
Feel this arms
Embrace me like thy lost love
We have much to make work
Much to give back
Happy new experiences
Happy new experiments!

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