for the woman behind her man and the man taking it for granted

I know,
It’s enough to know there were happier times,
There were moments when the bridge burnt to ashes
Then the rebuilding up from scratches
There were times when the head just couldn't be held up high
And it was propped up by crutches
It was at times when the tides got so high
It looked as though the time was nigh
So I turned to mama and asked
What exactly did you do?
and she said it was then I realized just how much I loved your pa'

#iwantthat too

Often we take for granted the women that see past our masculine bullshit, those that know when we are blowing little else than hot air. We, as men, speak of equality but catch as dead practicing it. We are the victims of our own pride and more often end up in positions of boredom for all we have is a yes girl.

I am lucky to have been in relationships where I was challenged and my very belief on certain topics thrown down the gauntlet. I have come to appreciate a woman that sticks when the pocket grows thin and the things get thick. A woman that drives, pushes and even evokes hard work within and out of me.

I have learnt that even when all you think of doing, say you will do and plan to do matters, at the end of the day unless it’s done you earn little respect for yourself in her eyes. Primarily a woman can tell all about you in a matter of time and it won’t take long for her to figure you offer nothing more than just dreams. She has the fairytale already she needs to make it a reality with you. If she has to push you uphill and downhill again she is better off being the woman behind another man. Get your act right, I know I am getting mine.

Love Y'all

Henry Anubi 2012 ©


A guest post for  Plus+254 -Get it,Live it!

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