blue haze, purple phase

If it is in the heart
That emotion is held at
Cut up mine
And see the patterns the glean out
I am a moth's cocoon
wrapped around a silk worm
Trapped in a spider's web
I ride the highest ebb of confusion

Even my heart doesn't get it
How does a record selling hit
Gather dust on the shelf
Disservice to self
Fishy smells: A rat!!
Cornflower laced concoctions
Bind this heart
Tear it apart in ways it can't tell
Soul's floating
Suspended freely in the dried well

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  1. A fan of your blog. Can you offer me more insight on this piece?

    1. Hello fan, you are welcome and come back with another fan too this is my representation of what is going on in my heart now. It's hurting and confusing.

      Thank you for your ardent readership

  2. Expression relieves pain. Keep on and keep up the good work.