he wrote:do you still love me?

Do you love me?
not superficial
or physical
not because you know it will make me happy when you say you do
But do you love me?
I'm I still the guy you'd want to meet your friends
I'm I the one you'd proudly hold in the street
And if you met your crush I'm I the guy you'd lean your chin to
Just to show him I got better
Do you love me?
Or love love?
The stepping stone to another dive
To what depths have you plunged
To what ends have your means met
I'm I still the man you'd kiss in the morning
Bad breadth and beard prickling
Would you still stay up in defiance waiting for me to say goodnight
Just to wake up in the morning with a hug so tight
Are you still the woman that would put up a fight
Just so that you'll get exactly what you want
Do you love me I ask
For this feels like more to you a task
No more fun
Just secrets in a cask
Do you still love me he wrote then he took his bag and went to work
Three hours later she awoke
"Oh! What nonsense" she swore
Threw it to the side, opened the door
The news came filtered to her ears as she basked
Heard the routes heard the bus
She came slowly to confirm
just mashed pulp
She saw the bag among the pile
Across her face a smile
Then she looked around and picked her phone
a wicked laugh escaped her lips
and she locked the door for the last time 
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  1. It is said that love is more of an action than an emotion!

  2. And actions scream where words speak, thank you for reminding me.