Wide spaces
Large open fields
With nothing but air
Running so fast
Running so far
Making sense of the Senseless
When did it get so comfortable
Talking alone
Having conversations with the wind
Whispering nothings to the shadows
I watch the vast lands till they kiss the sky
I place my hands above my head
and spin until it takes me away
I love this fantasy
Coz reality has become a little too much
I'll walk along alone
and where I encounter people
I'll start walking back.


  1. i know how it feels...oh i know!

  2. It is like floating in a gravity-controlled environment, thoughtless, free, unhinged.

  3. I experience that in drawing,observing art and walking through pure,natural and undisturbed nature..whats your story?

  4. I write, some pieces even don't get to see this blog or paper, I write them in thought and publish in heart.

    I also swim there is comfort in hiding underwater and peace in watching your body sink

    Sometimes I sleep but I hate the baggage that comes with that so Instead I would rather chat.

    Love art too and walking but I prefer walking in the countryside not a city with dwellers

  5. thats nice.write away,judging from your blog am sure i'd be interested to read. I love reading...for pleasure.
    Am scared of water but i badly want to know how to swim.
    Same sentiments about sleep.

    Walking among city dwellers beats th whole idea of this poems mood doest it?

  6. thru what can i chat with an addict.