I will complain a little less

Take whats yours and leave whats mine
I cant complain anymore
I cant go back to before
but now that we are here
please be a dear
and take the road thats nearer
I saw you from the corner of the eye
I chose to look away
but its just one apple a day
you break my mettle
you pierce my sense
and you do it in my presence
I cant complain any more
I cant complain any less
I can stay behind and clean up my mess
pick pieces and try
Its the best gift for my self
for this tears
confusion have all been a reward to you,
wrapped in a box of anger
tied by the ribbon of complaints
Im broken
it shows in my tired smile
it screams in my weakened voice
but u are too distracted to see
I cant complain any more
I'll grant you my laughter though hollow
I'll still cook you a despirited meal
just dont wait for me to complain
I am not cast from wrought iron but I rust for every
time I tear, I weld
this tremors are well within me held.
#Wrote this poem for a friend a year ago and she made it through. If this is what you feel I know you'll make it too.
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  1. You take your talent to different levels,expression of love,sympathy,happiness.......
    You speaking for the voiceless brother.

  2. Thank you. Share that they may also be enlightened.