Today I heard the sun wake me up
It announced it's entry into my house
Promptly at eight
Waking to a fright,
Curtains fluttering 
Shadows cast on the walls
She is bold this August sun
Fearless and straight
Much unlike her July sister,
Who peered at me from away
Never further than my window panes
Or nearer than the blinds 
She was coy too always felt she hid alot under her sleeves
Don't I just love this contrast
Of blue skies and the yellow ball of brilliance
Elation, and like I promised the champagne is off ice
The mood is just right
A little more of practice and the champion claims his price
Fare thee well July it was lukewarm what we had
Hello August!
Come fill this arms
Feel this arms
Embrace me like thy lost love
We have much to make work
Much to give back
Happy new experiences
Happy new experiments!

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