morning after

She said: Oh no we didn’t!
He smiled looked down at her and said oh yes we did
Calm, collected and somewhat unapologetic.
She sat up rose tainted cheeks
sudden heat rush burst from head to heels
followed by the supper from her bowels,
gob smacked
jumping off the bed
clothes torn off in a jiffy
what purpose do they serve now,
staggered to the loo
hell bent on riding her body off a food chunk or two.
Mucus tears and vomit
no blood a little too early to make a second wrong?
Make it right?
Staggered into a bathroom
peeling paint
laughing at her peeling pride
broken bits of soap
broken dreams
then a ray of light peeps through the ventilation
she feels,
she hopes,
warm water numbing the pain
felt like standing in the rain
more tears
more mucus
no vomit just wails
across to the room
he thinks: what if it really did?
and a smirk curves on his lips
he waits to see her face
for the water stopped running
and the wails are now sobs
and the bathroom door has opened
and he's eager to laugh in her face


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