if flowers would pause growth

I think of a flower, 
beautiful, bright and blossomed
and a butterfly flirting around its petals
but I hate that flower
for flowers wilt, wither and die
and butterflies move like radiance never existed
such is life
and moments are our flowers
here today gone tomorrow
and the butterflies move on to the next
and life fades with music and enters another scene
seeds are sown
leaves sprout
and flowers grow
I would love to stop some flowers growth 
long enough that I may revel in their presence.

scared; irked; pleased

I will start by saying I am scared
You scare me don’t you see
I have sat here waiting for you to come as you said
However, you are not here
It is our first meet is it not.
I have worn my floral print flowing dress
I have a ribbon brighter than the sun
I am sticking out from the sullen browns and creams that dot this park
I am alone
They have children you see
The children keep coming up to me
Offering me sweets and trinkets
In addition, little treasures from the ground
Mostly earthworms
And I am scared
For not only do they think I am alone
Their parents think I am alone too
In my welcoming floral, print dress
And my hair ribbon brighter than the sun
I have been fanning myself with a hat
For more than an hour at that
Now you irk me
For you are not here! and I look like a peculiarity staring at the babies
I am worried you will not show
I do not know what you make of this
Is it a waste of your time?
I thought you were interested
It was even your idea
Ah! I see you
Oh khaki pants and picnic basket
I will crumple this paper now
You please me!

needed only a fruit: I have an orchard

I set out in search of a fruit
I was hungry
Disturbed and inquisitive
I needed to learn
To find a reason why
So I set out in search of a fruit
A splendid ripe fruit
That held the proverbial knowledge
A whole truth of sorts
I searched for something to numb the brain
To silence the questions
To drown the echoing cries
The incessant disbelief
The agonizing detest
I set out searching for a fruit
Believing that I would know it when I found it
I am now the owner of an orchard
Fruits abound at every corner
I found my answer long ago
But my wisdom was lost in all the fruity tastes
Now my answer lies within the bounds of this orchard
But I have not the wisdom to search for it again
I am content that I can look after my fruits the tasting holds no more pleasure in me

no MORE dumping!

Time spent in each others thoughts
And making for lost cause
We are like the dumping sites of the world
Everyone heaps their piles on our land
Then we chance upon each other
And thoughts turn to action
Bonded and bound by experiences that are not our own
Sharing of others and those that others said of others
For our plates are full and we must search for ourselves deeper
Under the pile of garbage carried from journeys we had
And from being the dumping sites of the world
We claw the filth with each other
Together rummaging through the heaps of stench and rotting matter
And when we get to the bottom to the very essence the acrid smell knocks you away
Well this is my garbage
This is my filth
This must be the reason people felt the need
To dump more garbage at this site
For the putrid smell can be felt miles away
I am at the source
And you are not here to see me slave
Under the sun to clear my site
Attract developers and investment

"No Dumping!" By Management.

Take your filth elsewhere it is no longer welcome here!
But thank you for helping me clear the other mounds that made me such an unattractive land
They led me to the center to the reason I have been a dumping site all along.

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moonlit sands

It is the rustling of the palm fronds in the wind
It gets me excited
The peeking of the moon through those leaves
oh! This night should last an eternity
I am eager for the dance upon the creek logs
The sipping of pale white and smelly homemade coconut wine
From slender, short wooden  pipes with filters for the filth
Drunk for the company rather than the taste
The anticipated chasing by the guard dogs in the night late
I am giddy
For the night promises so much delight
Like friendships spurred at moments insight
And ending with naked bodies strewn on the beach
Bathing under the moonlight
Ah! We are young the night is young, too early to speculate

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hardworking and God

I have been searching all over for what God says about hardworking I know man must toil for what they need, but somewhere in the good book we are told that the Lord provides for those he loves. In my quest I came across this quote:

"We must give up the silly idea of folding our hands and waiting on God to do everything for us. If God had intended for that, then he would not have given us a mind. Whatever you want in life, you must make up your mind to do it for yourself."

-Marcus Garvey

What do you think?

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