scared; irked; pleased

I will start by saying I am scared
You scare me don’t you see
I have sat here waiting for you to come as you said
However, you are not here
It is our first meet is it not.
I have worn my floral print flowing dress
I have a ribbon brighter than the sun
I am sticking out from the sullen browns and creams that dot this park
I am alone
They have children you see
The children keep coming up to me
Offering me sweets and trinkets
In addition, little treasures from the ground
Mostly earthworms
And I am scared
For not only do they think I am alone
Their parents think I am alone too
In my welcoming floral, print dress
And my hair ribbon brighter than the sun
I have been fanning myself with a hat
For more than an hour at that
Now you irk me
For you are not here! and I look like a peculiarity staring at the babies
I am worried you will not show
I do not know what you make of this
Is it a waste of your time?
I thought you were interested
It was even your idea
Ah! I see you
Oh khaki pants and picnic basket
I will crumple this paper now
You please me!

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  1. Yours is an impecable talent,i always admire. Always a fan. M.