no MORE dumping!

Time spent in each others thoughts
And making for lost cause
We are like the dumping sites of the world
Everyone heaps their piles on our land
Then we chance upon each other
And thoughts turn to action
Bonded and bound by experiences that are not our own
Sharing of others and those that others said of others
For our plates are full and we must search for ourselves deeper
Under the pile of garbage carried from journeys we had
And from being the dumping sites of the world
We claw the filth with each other
Together rummaging through the heaps of stench and rotting matter
And when we get to the bottom to the very essence the acrid smell knocks you away
Well this is my garbage
This is my filth
This must be the reason people felt the need
To dump more garbage at this site
For the putrid smell can be felt miles away
I am at the source
And you are not here to see me slave
Under the sun to clear my site
Attract developers and investment

"No Dumping!" By Management.

Take your filth elsewhere it is no longer welcome here!
But thank you for helping me clear the other mounds that made me such an unattractive land
They led me to the center to the reason I have been a dumping site all along.

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