needed only a fruit: I have an orchard

I set out in search of a fruit
I was hungry
Disturbed and inquisitive
I needed to learn
To find a reason why
So I set out in search of a fruit
A splendid ripe fruit
That held the proverbial knowledge
A whole truth of sorts
I searched for something to numb the brain
To silence the questions
To drown the echoing cries
The incessant disbelief
The agonizing detest
I set out searching for a fruit
Believing that I would know it when I found it
I am now the owner of an orchard
Fruits abound at every corner
I found my answer long ago
But my wisdom was lost in all the fruity tastes
Now my answer lies within the bounds of this orchard
But I have not the wisdom to search for it again
I am content that I can look after my fruits the tasting holds no more pleasure in me

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