hope for the week : standard gauge railway commence

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 It’s just tomorrow, then one more moon after that. That is how long we have to wait for the commencement date of the Kenyan Standard gauge railway. Kenyans have peculiar calling habits we have been told and even more peculiar is our knack to forget the most important of things. Enter the search phrase “Kenyans forget fast” and be prepared to meet over a million results with the phrase embed somewhere in there. The flame was started with a flicker from the sparks of Hon. Alfred Keter who questioned the inflation of prices, the procedure followed to award the tender and the lack of an Environmental Impact Assessment report prior to applying for the tender. 

Launch of SGR project: Photo | Courtesy
Launch of SGR project: Photo | Courtesy
It raged on and on with the debate taking a political tone as is the case with all else in this nation. For all the noise made, we all lost the scope and the relevance of what the argument was. It became an ad hominem where principles of debate were thrown out. Well the signing took place, so did the launch and if all goes well 1st October marks the beginning of better accessibility, network and possibly maintenance of the transport sector in this nation. I remain optimistic, of the numerous job opportunities that will be created, the increase in price of land, the need to setup businesses and overall the better travel our children and their children will be ushered into. If you have nothing else to be happy about this coming week then be pleased with the starting of work on the standard gauge railway. Hoping it will actually start.   

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