If anything..

Ma & Pa
If anything
It’s like getting on the lift
Just before the doors close behind
Like little puddles of warm salty water
Rushing between the toes
I won't just have enough of the beach
As you walk the stretch of the ocean floor
Like the sound of crushing waves
Hitting the continental shelf
And the silenced voices drowned
Lost in the search of self
It’s the sensation of taking off fitting shoes
Or the whiff that hits the nose at the door
That whiff that can only be mama’s cooking
It’s a cold Fanta going down the throat
On a dry windy and hot day
Or the spreading of quink
From a blot on a kasuku brand page
It’s slow
It’s captivating
It’s overwhelming
It comes like a rush
From the fingertips to the lobes
To the heel
And the toes
The nape of the neck
It’s inexplicable
If anything
It’s the knowledge that comes from knowing;
Gentleness; perching a chick in your palm

You did well

#100daysofblogging #Day12

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