to my unborn son

I am writing this to you early enough
Before you see this sun
Before your feet are planted firmly on this African soil
I am writing this to you in your naivety
Before your enlightenment and entitlement; before your pride
I want you to know there is no substitute for hard work
No shortcut to success no quick buck
Do not believe in luck
Just work
My son,
Be smart and make better choices than your old man
Lies get you out of a tricky situation yet the truth avoids the situation altogether
Stand up for what you believe in
But believe in things that you can achieve and achieve most of what you believe
Your ideas and beliefs need not be sane just right
Believe in God, a supreme being; respect and trust His guidance
Ask for His help
Thank him
Anger is a weakness shun it
Humility is a gift embrace it
Learn to say sorry when you are wrong
Thank you when satisfied
Help me when you are lost
And nothing when you are right
Love yourself
Love your country
Love your woman
Definitely NOT in that order
Your woman comes first
Treat her as you would yourself
Talk to her kindly
Hold her passionately
And keep her happy constantly
If you don't someone else will
You will argue you will fight
NEVER hit your woman
They hate it, she will hate you
Don't just tell her you love her, show her
She will only stay for as long as she is interested so be interesting
If she still goes; learn live and love again.
Do not covet
Instead in contentment work for what you need
Learn to plan and prioritize
Drawing a line on needs and wants
It's what made your grandfather so great
Don't just spend to satisfy your urges
Make it a habit to save
And have something to give to someone else
In the end make your journey a story, how it will be read depends solely on you
This were just pointers from my path. The potholes that marred my past. Be great my son but remember being great is more than being rich. Much more
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