10,000 trials with faith

I have not failed. I've just found
10,000 ways that won't work.
-Thomas A. Edison

Ten thousand times I tried and failed
Ten thousand ways I learned to perfect
Then the first from ten thousand
I made my break and everyone said

"oh! how great it is to have your luck, to try and make it on your first buck"

Yet no one noticed the ten thousand flops
For all they could see was the one shiny bulb
Not the thousands of blown up and charred filaments
Not the drawings and concepts that filled the work table
Just the lighting and the bulb that emitted its large warm glow
Ten thousand trials with faith
A single reward of success
Believing till the end
Till the final whistle is blown
Till success is changed from thoughts on a paper to tangible physical matter.

Inspired by Thomas Edison who did 10,000 experiments before, eventually, inventing a working light bulb.   
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  1. Encouraging words that make the actual doing seem easier. Keep on writing.