my beloved is me,I am my beloved

I wish I never lost the first love
It was the best of best we have
I hope I never have to search love
I think I found my gift from up above
I know there is distance I will wait
I know of temptation
I will pray
I will selflessly be on pier
Each day, wait on the maiden sail
I will patiently see you through my stains
Open up to changes as they come
My heart is held in your palm
My thoughts are centered on our fam
I am yours to loose
You are mine to keep
The play has changed script I am watching my beloved on stage
I am pensive of each act
Eager of each cast
I am monitoring closely,
delving deeper into this abyss of thought
I am attentive
Lest I'm lost on the path to happiness
I walk besides
Sharing the pain of the thorn
The joy of the fruit
And the confusion that is spring in the North
We find our way across terrain
We work our genius and glide over the plains
We swim the oceans and ride the current
There is no I,
No me
But we
My beloved and I. 

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