my beloved is me,I am my beloved

I wish I never lost the first love
It was the best of best we have
I hope I never have to search love
I think I found my gift from up above
I know there is distance I will wait
I know of temptation
I will pray
I will selflessly be on pier
Each day, wait on the maiden sail
I will patiently see you through my stains
Open up to changes as they come
My heart is held in your palm
My thoughts are centered on our fam
I am yours to loose
You are mine to keep
The play has changed script I am watching my beloved on stage
I am pensive of each act
Eager of each cast
I am monitoring closely,
delving deeper into this abyss of thought
I am attentive
Lest I'm lost on the path to happiness
I walk besides
Sharing the pain of the thorn
The joy of the fruit
And the confusion that is spring in the North
We find our way across terrain
We work our genius and glide over the plains
We swim the oceans and ride the current
There is no I,
No me
But we
My beloved and I. 

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my poetry and me

Curled up
Laid back
Or bent over
I do it best facing down
but try it anyhow I'll give you verse
I'll give you rhyme coz my poetry is not tied
to position
is not based on time

Real Wordz
screamed loud
or soft mourn
my poetry soft
fluently thought
never ever crosed
whether hum or groan

always on
always on
I serve it like a spicy dish
I give it like JC gave fish
I make it make me
It guides me to be
I can be
my poetry and me

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teach me; to lie to my pen

Every time I put pen to paper
My soul gets lifted, I’m lighter
I place my weight on my right hand
And scribble out my form of art
It is seldom appealing
But plenty revealing
It’s my vent canal
My thought processor
My seventh sense
I know each time it comes from within
Within some confines of my heart
It is my truest of expressions
Burning my gut with strong passion
Every time I put pen to paper
I speak the truth
Of the truth
And address those feelings at the core
For no matter how hard i try
I can never tell my pen a lie
I can go above
And around the truth
I can coat it in idioms
Drown it in prose
I can intoxicate it in imagery
And get it to think it cannot be
I can convince the truth it was a lie
And it would believe me
Yet when I sit with pen
And introduce it to paper
The truth exacts revenge
It arrests the control of mind
And dictates the tempo of heart
Free flowing ideas
Hand glides and curves
And the eyes dart over each syllable
Sounding out the consonants
Miming the vowels
Giving rise to verses
I am a vessel
I convey the message
And despite my frequent attempts
I can never change the outcome
I simply cannot lie to my pen
Teach me

like the earth's shadow cast on the moon

What is this we have?
It was like light in a cave
Then the lies
The secrets
The looks of spite
Yet we sit here
Held in a loveless union
Chained in a chain-less prison
I wish it were a season
I'd know it comes
It will go
Like the earth’s shadow cast on the moon
We are waiting for the shift in angle of tilt
For the sunshine to light up the path again
For the absolution of guilt
For dances in the rain
And fading of the stain
We want the flowers to blossom
The heart to fathom
We want to move
But each holds on to their stance
I won’t budge
You won’t heave
But we both expect that beneath our feet
The grass will grow

go now leave.

Lives acutely similar in many respects
Fuelled by memories of past conquests
We are bound by the secrets we share
Nay! Shared
Tied by the invisible chains of feeling
The unseen shackles of thought
Let this be the last night of our old life
This opera is in it's final act and the pre maddona is shrieking her lungs out
The guilt is tampered by relief
Go ye if you were held by a spell
Walk free if you were enslaved
I feel light
This burden has been lifted off me

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