like the earth's shadow cast on the moon

What is this we have?
It was like light in a cave
Then the lies
The secrets
The looks of spite
Yet we sit here
Held in a loveless union
Chained in a chain-less prison
I wish it were a season
I'd know it comes
It will go
Like the earth’s shadow cast on the moon
We are waiting for the shift in angle of tilt
For the sunshine to light up the path again
For the absolution of guilt
For dances in the rain
And fading of the stain
We want the flowers to blossom
The heart to fathom
We want to move
But each holds on to their stance
I won’t budge
You won’t heave
But we both expect that beneath our feet
The grass will grow


  1. it takes action.i like this.

  2. Indeed it takes action to achieve results.