Desire vs Imagination: I'm I foolish to keep on hoping?

“When your desires and your imagination are in conflict, your imagination always wins the battle.”  Emile Coue

I longed to find the one
just one
I longed to sit and share moments of what I was 
of what I would become
I longed to have another by my side
that was my desire
then I found one
the one
I thought she had another
and another
for I never felt like I mattered enough to her
for her
I was always looking to see her part
that was my imagination
I sat alone again
and hoped that she would take my plea
my begging my requests
I changed my imagination
centered on my desires
it was late too late
it started with no we cannot keep this up
it ended in "never! This can NEVER be"
and now the imagination won
I have to content with this state
at least until I know my fate
I longed to find the one
and even when I had her within my reach 
I let my imagination win 
but my desires still burn me inside
they nudge me
they prod me 
this desires have a mind of their own
tell me I'm I a fool to keep on hoping?

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