In spite of it all

I learned that some paths cross, some paths run parallel and others merge into roads. Dotted patches of where we jumped on the grass and the place we lay, flattened blades and squished pollen. We must have fertilized the grasses as we left to run across the plains. On the bright sunny day, as I chased you through the caves. Heart beating at what-if-you-really-got-lost, and beating even faster when found you I held you in my arms. Laughing loudly for long until we ran out of breadth and we stood silently close to each other. Listening to the echoes of our laughter and trying to synchronize our breathing.  In that moment of pure bliss and ecstasy with the background of the roaring sea, the breeze and the cooing of sea gulls. It was a shallow drop, from the grass to the sand to the sea, taken quickly and with glee. We were young and loud and brave and the old couple held on closer to each other as we passed them chasing each other into the salt expanse. I caught them looking back and he brushed her hair off her face and smiled. I was thinking of how I would want that when you slapped me with water on my back……

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