looking for mr. perfect

She always wanted it right
Her hair,
Her dolls,
Her room,
Her life
Just right
Girls are made from sugar, spice and everything nice
All her ingredients were in quantity twice
In quality thrice
And no one knows exactly
The time taken to create her kind
She was particular
She was stellar
She was unique
It was seen by how she held her umbilical cord to her teeth

At seven,
She arranged her dolls facing left on the window sills
They should catch sunlight evenly if they want to stay beautiful
She argued.
At eleven she made modifications to her christmas present
Mother gladly remade it to her specifications
At thirteen, she convinced a city to change a law that allowed parents to deny teens TV time 
She never watched tv herself.

At seventeen, she was head of almost everything that needed leading.
Now at 27, she is hell bent at finding her Knight.   

She spends time in the night observing looking at her subjects
Poring through their lives and picking through their weakness
She is bold and walks up to each man she thinks fits the bill
Do you like dogs?
Her only rehearsed and overused pick up line.
Anyone that doesn't answer, fails
Anyone that doesn't know, fails
Anyone that hesitated, yet answers is a liar who fails
She doesn't tire, she doesn't search in one specific spot.
She knows what she wants she will search for it until she gets it.
She gets what she wants, always.

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