Don't you ever tire?
Living the double life
Oh Mary! Don't you ever feel
Like taking another jibe
At the impedes that is your sanity
Making headway of your vanity
Swapping your sheepskin cloak
For a furry wolf cloth
Loosing the whole bottle of scent
And finally embracing your stench
Doesn't it get old with age
Dear Mary
The swapping of masks
The interchangeable tasks
The moments of bliss
Enjoyed in splits
The receipt of passion
From an unnumbered factions
Endless attractions
Meaningless intentions

Wanton wanting

A double edged sword
A truth that holds
To have
To behold
To lack
To unfold
Two tricks up a sleeve
Oh Mary,
Can't it just be smooth
Must the vision be doubled

Halved just to be suave?
What happened, 

To saying what you mean, meaning what you say?
You must love the games people play
Using your sunshine to may hay
You say
Is it the only way?
Taking the sword with two sharp ends

Defend it!
Make me understand your love for the double life

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