there are reasons,
unidentified reasons,
for which things happen,
they happened in the past seasons,
for unidentified reasons,
they're still happening in the present season,
fro this reason, the flamboyant witty politician,
Tom Mboya is dead,
for this reason, unidentified,Pio Gama Pinto left,

never to return,

for this same reason,J.M Kariuki is dead,
for this reason, unidentified,Robert Ouko is dead and gone,
investigations have been done but no conlcuding report,
for this alleged political reason,still unidentified,the Lion of Mbooni,
the distinguished law maker,Mutula Kilonzo is resting in peace,
for this unidentified reason,Prof. of Mathematics,
George Saitoti is dead,
and for the same mysterious reason,
Hon.O.Ojode also left us,

for this mysterious reason,

former Ainamoi M.P, David Kimutai was shot dead,
for similar reasons, the prominent political figure,
was erased, parmanently from the political picture,
as he was coming from His Dornhorm Home,
for this reason,Alexander Muge is dead,
for this mystrious reason,Chrispin Mbai is dead,
for this reason, unidentified, some are detained without trials,
some are tortured, and left for dead,
for this reasons, we experience extra-judicial killings,
for this mysterious reasons, human beings turn into beasts,
they displace peasant farmers,to build their own projects,
they grab land, for their own selfish gains,
how will you feel,
when the person who raped you,
is the one to rule over your rape case?
those who commit autrocities,
are the ones in the authorities,
for some reasons, which we don't know, these things keep on happening,
I wonder when we will start a new season,
where mysterious deaths are given reasons,
and investigations drawing conclusions

poem written by Ordinary Mind  don't know the date of this politically charged poem but it inspired me.

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