train journeys

I love the sitting arrangement
I get to stare directly at a complete stranger
At least until another stranger stands in line of sight
Staring daggers
Sending chills and shivers
To a person I barely recognize
Oh yes It does
I see them squirm in their seats
And, albeit momentarily, well in my heart it sits
It is enjoyable
Seeking yourself in others
Making up stories of who they may be
And where they could be off to so early
The preacher that shouts more than they preach
Maybe they are compensating for what they cant do at home
A part of a sermon that call for assertion
Or simply a tool of the trade
Of the lady that pouts
Has been pouting it is three days in a row
What can keep one sulking that long

There are stubborn passengers at the front
Or is it back
They would rather squeeze at the entrance
Than find their way to the center
Crammed like screws and wires in a socket
No one remembers the pickpockets
Yet it’s all I thought of from the onset
A congregation of different folk
All with the intent to get to town
All looking outside but no one seeing things the same
A dog lies by the side of the tracks
Blank stares
A drunken man trying to make his way out of a ditch
Blank stares
A couple tearing each other apart
Few grimaces, winces and guffaws though
Little elicits reaction
Even fewer warrant it judging by looks
It is a trained look
Harnessed and perfected over time
Sour grapes and lime
That is the life of constantly looking for the next dime
I try
I try very hard to look at the life that goes on for others
To look at the world from my 200 meter squared frame
In a different way
I force myself to look at something and make a positive
I see a makeshift tin shack
I will cost you 5 shillings = 0.06 dollars
To shower here
Right beside the tracks it must be thrilling
In my naiveté I want to be allowed to think it is

It is easy to get lost in all that is bad
Easy to find where to cast blame
It is easy to find alternate ways to get to the city
But despite the strong concoction of human scents
The lifeless stares that are shared
And the momentary lapse of superpowers over my opposite seating neighbor
I am loving the train journeys by the day

*and I hope the Matatu Strikes continue 

I am just kidding


  1. great piece bro, me liking it very much

  2. Poetic justice :-)