Taking a photo; Making a photo. The difference

Making photographs as opposed to taking photographs. There is a difference in this two. Good photographs are taken, great photographs are made. With all the melee and excitement directed at a final image few people ever wonder what it takes to produce the moment. However, there are photos that when taken are just as good as those made. The following images show the steps and journey to the creation of a masterpiece. It started out well with the event ongoing and led to the conception of a great idea. 

Arrived midway through the event

Had to look for a way through the crowds

Shot of the ceremony and graduation square from a vantage point

End of ceremony; distinguished guests arrive
Graduands milling around while the ceremony was going on

Guests, parents and business men and women were at work.

The exodus

While we waited to create the shot we worked shooting various people and scenes

We waited

people took their time leaving

but the guests were seemingly busy and filed out fast

still we waited....

and got pissed waiting

but we did some pro bono work for few friendly faces

we made friends

and met and shot a band doing what they do

then the shoot started

trying out various poses

and clumsy antics

when the coast was clear prepping started

the location was not perfect but it was ideal

we had to scout for something that suited the intended desire

makeup and clothes were models own hahaha

find here the final masterpiece

after we scouted alternate spots

and created mementos of a lifetime

it is befitting to say the lens and the model were in-sync

and the day ended on a high.
It took hours of waiting, a great set of eyes and a determined lot to pull this off. It may look like the Job was simple but it was not. When they think they can pull off what you did in a lesser time then you have done a good job. This was poetry with the lens look out for more images of delight.

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