a moment with wisdom

he boasts a large collection of autobiographies and critiques of the famous African leaders. He just doesn't keep them he reads them and reviews them.

from a different angle

audio and visuals proff loves his jazz

This is his sitting room. Neat huh?

a shell a day, brought to him by grandchildren, neighbors and friends he never throws them away

"these are works on Castro and Cuba, I read a lot of Marx and Lenin at your age"

A religious man who says of himself "I am more of a Quaker than I am a Muslim he then ponders the statement and rephrases it to say I am a Godly man. I owe him my all.

Montage like arrangement of his family

This is an entire house full of manuscripts and reels with speeches of the famous leaders. Three rooms full. 

reflections of a man seeing his end

do you see the book on Timbuktu?

Old china set. He says he keeps it to admire more than to use.

Dedication to Professor Ahmed Mohiddin Mohamed 
This is not a poem but simply excerpts from my conversation with Proff
I am at that point in time where I rarely make an effort to think
I just let the thoughts come and I jot them down in Ink
Most days I sit outside and watch the sun run behind my neighbour’s house and sink
It is faster now that I am leaving
All the while I am admiring my wife
Or scratching my balls
For I have seen my fair share of falls
I have had my thrills
I just wish for the young people to be empowered
To unearth their spirits and to be discovered
To go all out
Do not be fazed by the clout

"My only regret is I never took a photo with Mutunga and Museveni as I had grievances with them at the time I met them."

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