my little piece of ginger

I saw her it eating ginger
She did it secretly
Like it was taboo
A sin
Something not to be spoken of
She chewed at it
With surprising dedication
The curiosity couldn’t bid wait
What with the bitter taste in my mouth
I get the tingly burning sensation
Like the tongue is in momentary ecstasy
It was like a drug that raw ginger
She must have been addicted
I saw her eating ginger
One more time
And when she saw me see her
She hid it
Like it was a taboo
A sin
Something not to be spoken of
I stepped up and asked
So what is with this ginger?
“You really don’t want to know”
If I didn’t I would not have asked.
“It’s for the morning sickness”
“I told you, you wouldn’t want to know”
Still blank
I took a piece of ginger
This was for my nervous sickness

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