humoring myself: conversations with my image

Last evening was cold
It was long
It was boring
To add to this I was broke
And grumpy
I detoured into my local
And asked wairimu to get me a large mug
"It should be freshly pumped!"
I called out
I couldn't handle flat keg
Not on a flat day
After a few mugs I switched seats and joined a stranger at their table
Immediately we struck conversation
Politics, weather, women, sports and business
We were insync  
Topic after topic
We clicked and ended up drinking all night
As I crawled into bed this morning I was sure I would be paying a visit to wairimu despite my lengthened tab
I am from wairimus now
No she didn't deny me a mug
I asked her if my friend from last night has arrived
She replied to me
"What friend?"
Before adding
"You were sitted at the corner by yourself all night
You talked to yourself and laughed at your own jokes
But best of all you kept buying your reflection in the mirror alcohol
I left in shame

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  1. With this your fan is reminded of your happier side..your jokes and your laughter.....made my day...:)))

  2. If this ever happens to me, I shall start wearing ties

  3. I am grateful for your readership, please bring more people with you next time

    @M respectfully thank you for your support all along please critique where you feel I am off track

    @Kevin Mare I love your consistency and this will happen to you, just wait and see!