plant life

I wonder how plant parents deal with their teen offspring
Like how do they determine who are wrong company
Is it uncommon for plants to hang out with weeds
Moreover, do the weed dudes hit on plant chics
And when the teen plants learn to skip taking -cides
Then they harbor pests
How do they rebel against their parent plants?
Do they bend away from them
Or just stick it to them and grow taller
I wonder if parent plants ground their offspring
And threaten to take away their pollen
Or a plant jail that locks plants for hours without sunshine
I bet a plant dream is about swaying in the wind
And a nightmare is being turned into paper
Or is it?
I need to bend my branches out of this house and ask my plant parents.


  1. I love this! I just found your blog and I will keep reading and watching for new post!

  2. PeggyinNO feel free to read and comment. Criticism and suggestions are welcome too.

  3. i dig this one.M.