a little silence is it?

A little silence is okay
They say
A little me is fine
They add
Then the little silence grows to some
Then some silence is much
Then it becomes much more silence
Much more!
Then speaking becomes benign 
Sharing is now no more
I’d rather a little speaking than a little silence
For that just leads to iced existence.

Dear book

The quickest way to be done with you is read your first three pages and last three pages. Read the epilogue and prologue I will piece together the middle part. Such has become my character where I am interested in reading the first three pages of who are you and what to you do then quickly skip to the morning after of did I like it and can we do this again. It has become a chore to flip through the pages and find out what you love doing in your free time, what are some of your ideals and what is your desire for the yonder years.  I want to know the story but not as you the author intended it, but rather as I deem fit. Instead of reading the pages and flipping them one at a time, I choose to go back and forth reading from the pages I like. I have found that daunting, for often one ends up carrying around books they never make time to study. Just because I find your cover attractive I have you in my arm. It could be due to your volume and how I can raise my stature if I am seen strolling with such content. It could be the reviews of how great a book you are from my friends and the immense pressure to take a look at you and what your words have to offer. Well book I will pick you off the shelf and start reading. I know you are interesting and there are bound to be several other readers waiting for their turn to read so allow me to take my time. They will get the chance to read you should you fail to make the cut for home library.   

Regards The World.

not now; later

Not gamble
No it is not time to gamble
We gambled
We dealt
Now its time to hold on to our cards
Close enough to the chest
Rid ourselves off excesses
Work to claim success
Bring the house down
It doesn't always win
Not bluff
Now is not the time to bluff
Now we just have to say A for Achievable
Or B for Belief
C for Can
D; Dream!
It is too soon I know
But capture this moments on paper
Splash them with oil on canvas
Frame them as pictures and hang them on your walls
Timeless treasures
Memories of who we are now
The best way to introduce us to our young ones
Pay now
Play later
Play now
Pay later
Not now; later

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What wakes you up when you dreaming
What strengthens you when you weak
The shoulder you should cry on
The pillar to your climb
Family are those that accept you
For who you are, those that wouldn't swap you for change even when they'd want that more than anything else
I have a great bunch,today I salute them
For not giving up on my once stubborn self
It wasn't easy but their loved prevailed and accomplished what their patience said was impossible
I love them.

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