Greening from inside.

Sometimes it's the reassurance, the little I am still here that matters. Sometimes it's the reminder that it's me you love, the nudge in the ribs as we walk that I live for. It's how you look at me when I'm in the company of your friends, how you stare at me mid that movie and how you get mad at me that still shows me you care. I know the chills are setting in and the hearts are just beginning to freeze but pray you wait until I am gone. Don't be in a rush to bury me whence I still breathe for my life has been warmed by the summer of your love. I have blossomed at the spring of your happiness and I know autumn is coming and I shall have to shed these amorous feelings from my existence, just don't rush to freeze my heart in the winter of you desires.

Gang green.

I see it in your eyes

The passion,

The desire

I see how happy he makes you

I see how merry you are

And it burns insides

It sets cogs and wheels in motion

I know I'm not of this particular notion

I know I don't let you know

That I see what I see

But I am a hundred or half of it

I give it my all

From rise to fall

I am your oak standing tall

I shall leave its inevitable

I will have to abandon all pursuits

But until then kindly treat me like you do him

I kind miss it too.